Petra Property Management

Case Study: Mount Saint Annes

In 2010, Petra was invited to tender for the management of Mount Saint Anne’s, Milltown, Dublin 6. Built by Park Developments, this upmarket mixed-use development comprises over 630 units, including 10 commercial. It has quickly become one of South Dublin city’s most sought after and award-winning properties. Following a lengthy tendering process, Petra Management was engaged by the board.

Since our appointment as the managing agent for Mount Saint Annes, Petra has made substantial technical, administrative and aesthetic improvements to the property. One important project that we have undertaken here is the revitalisation of a large, signature water feature. We changed the water pump from a three-phase to the latest ECO single-phase technology. Not only is this pump more reliable, but it has also substantially reduced the running cost. Health and safety issues surrounding this fountain were highlighted during this time and have been overcome by the planting of boundary hedges.

Furthermore, owners and residents are very pleased with the improved level of maintenance and presentation seen in the grounds landscaping. These services have been assigned to well-established contractors with a good track record for prices significantly more competitive than the previous agent. This has led to a decrease in service charges without any reduction in the quality of the services provided.

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