Petra Property Management


I woke up this morning and my car was clamped! What should I do?

Vehicles are typically clamped only if they are parked in a manner that contravenes the parking regulations of the development. Typically these rules include:

  • Not parking in the right numbered space
  • Illegally parking on double yellow lines
  • Failing to register a visitor’s car
  • Failing to show an appropriate permit in the windshield.
  • Parking in an area designated for emergency vehicles.

If you are clamped, please phone the number on the notice placed on the car’s window. Note that Petra Management do not manage the car parking in any development and have no power to appeal on your behalf. In cases where you believe that the clamping was unjust, you can appeal within 30 days of receiving the fine. Please provide copies of any documentation relevant to your appeal (e.g., photographs, Pay & Display ticket, etc.) The following links may be useful for appealing a clamping fee: