Petra Property Management


How do I arrange to get a entrance door fob/luas gate card/car park remote for my property?

Management of keys, fobs and access cards is a security issue. Consequently, in order to issue keys to residents we must first receive authorisation in writing by e-mail from the owner of the property. You can also fill out the log an issue form located on our website. If you are a tenant, please request your owner contact us on your behalf as due to the turnover of tenancies it is not practicable for Petra to maintain a register of all tenants. Please also note that the property’s service charge must be paid or an agreed payment plan in place in order to receive a new access key.

The turnover time from the request of a key/fob is typically between 24 to 48 hours. In some of the developments we manage, the keys/fobs can be picked up at our office. In other cases they must be collected for a locksmith. In our e-mail to you we will outline the exact instructions and cost involved.